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Playlist Generator

Engage Fans with Your Lineup

A personalised festival playlist in one simple click.

Get fans interested in your lineup with an innovative discovery tool.

The Playlist Generator is an embeddable button for your website that allows visitors to log in with Spotify and save a personalised playlist that is based on your festival lineup.

Festivals have such a large array of artists to choose from that it can be overwhelming. This tool does the graft for the fan and encourages discovery and exploration of your lineup at the same time.

Demo - Glastonbury 2017


Tailored to the Fan

Using the fan's Spotify listening history, likes and a recommendation algorithm, the resulting playlist is based off of the music that they like, and recommendations. And if no matches are found, we will fallback to a default playlist to ensure that the fan has something to listen to.

Playlist Customisations

The resulting Spotify playlist title, cover and description are totally customisable. They can even include dynamic text, such as the user's name.


This tool is new, and at the moment we want it to be accessible to any festival out there, so pricing will be tailored to the size and budget of yours.

If you're interested, get in touch and we will figure out something that sounds fair for everyone.

Let's Set Up a Demo

All we need is a list of artists, and we'll provide a demo Playlist Generator within one day.